January 2021

2021 New Year Resolution DrawingYear Around Event (2021)


Year Around Event (2021)


Saint Matthew Ecumenical Catholic Church (Parking Lot)

1111 W. Town and Country Rd

Event Details

Join in our 2021 New Year Resolution Drawing for the chance to win! We will be selling 100 tickets at $50.00 each. This will start on January 10, 2021. Everyone who purchases a ticket will be entered into a monthly drawing for $100.00 starting February 28, 2021. Each month in 2021 you will have a chance to win! December will have two drawings.

The drawings will be held on the last Sunday of the month, except for December. For December 2021, one drawing will be the Sunday before Christmas and the second will be on the Sunday after Christmas. All purchased drawing tickets will be hand delivered, emailed, or mailed to the recipient.

All winners will be announced after the 9:30 Masses and posted on our social media sites.

Please note that each winner’s ticket with be re-entered for subsequent month’s drawings. This means there will be multiple chances to win $100!

Important Note: ONLY 100 TICKETS WILL BE SOLD. Hurry and get your tickets NOW–do not wait! We are selling out FAST!


(1) Mail your donation, noting “2021 New Year Resolution Drawing”

Saint Matthew Church
1111 Town and Country Rd, Ste 14
Orange, CA 93868

If using a check: Please be sure to specify “2021 New Year Resolution Drawing” on the Memo line of your check.

(2) Email FnvagZnggurj.Pbaarpg@tznvy.pbz, noting “2021 New Year Resolution Drawing”

(3) *Order a ticket through our website shop

*Note: There is a small $2 processing fee for using this method to purchase your ticket.

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1111 W. Town and Country Rd, Unit 14, Orange, CA 92868 714-647-1770 714-647-1773 (Spanish)